Seriti story

Hand crafted wellness products from Africa with Love


Africa is a land filled with many wonders. 


Perhaps the most inspiring wonder is the unique spirit of its people. “Seriti” is an African word which refers to the innate inner spirit and beauty that define each one of us. 


Made from the finest handcrafted products with roots in the rich African soil, Seriti wellness products will help you connect with your innate beauty.

The Seriti Range consists of:

Baobab & Vanilla

African Aloe

Red Bush & Wild Honey

Zanzibar Spice

Fizz Balls
Zanzibar Spice Bath Soak
Zanzibar Spice Mud Scrub
Zanzibar Spice Massage Body Balm
Zanzibar Spice Body Butter
Zanzibar Spice Sugar Scrub
Zanzibar Spice Massage Body Oil
Baobab & Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Baobab & Vanilla Massage Body Oil
Red Bush & Wild Honey Body Butter
Red Bush & Wild Honey Sugar Scrub
African Aloe Facial Scrub
African Aloe moisturizer
African Aloe cleanser

Seriti Tea

Seriti Organic Rooibos Tea is a smooth, calming drink containing superior antioxidants to make a rich cup of tea. Naturally caffeine free so it can be drunk at any time of the day.


Rooibos tea has been around for centuries in its native South Africa, but it is quickly becoming a popular tea option for tea lovers
all over the world not only for its many health benefits but for its refreshing great taste.

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